Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ok, I can’t hold it any longer. THINK ABOUT IT FOLKS. Every day someone I know talks about losing or fear of losing their job. Where do jobs come from, boys and girls. It damn sure ain’t from the government. Ok, first rattle out of the bag, I have pissed off a government worker or teacher or somebody. That is not my intention. Most of my online friends know how I feel but I try to let it hold its place. If your child was doing something that you knew was going to be wrong or bad for him or her, would you support that decision or would you say, “Hold on, let’s think about this for a few minutes.” Why in the world would you let your government do something that is going to be devastating to you child or grand child. For what? A promise of SOMETHING for NOTHING? It cannot and will not happen. Sure, we need social change, but what kind. One of the most powerful nations on earth and look not at where we are, but where we are heading.

Let’s go back to government jobs for a minute. I am not just talking about Federal. I am talking about STATE and LOCAL, as well as SCHOOL Districts. I am guessing here, but I would think that a lot of government workers would disagree with me. That job sector always grows. Everyone needs to realize that you face the same danger as businesses face. Where is the CASH going to come from to fund these coffers if BUSINESS can’t stay in business and PAY TAXES. Is CHINA paying any of our government cost with all the money you and I are sending to them. Hell no, we are paying INTEREST on THAT money as they loan it back to us because we cannot pay for what our government is wasting.

If we don’t get off our BUTTS and put our HANDS in the dirt and produce, We will be looking for a HAND OUT with our heads in the other place.

Does anyone else see this or am I off my rocker? Comments welcome

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  1. If you're off your rocker, then I'm off mine. I hate what I see happening to this country.


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