Thursday, December 17, 2009

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Building a House

I have been involved in lots of building projects and I have designed my perfect abode.

Start with the foundation of basic rules of “do unto others….”, stack the walls tall with bricks made from finely molded honesty. Secure in place with mortar of truth, two layers thick. Finish the surface with the most brilliant of coatings: A coating of futuristic hope. This house must not be just strong enough for me, but for my children and grandchildren. These government built straw houses built with deceit, we are being forced to live in, must be torn down and rebuilt.


  1. I have always felt the government has the biggest ponsi (don't know proper spelling) scheme ever, the only difference is they call it a plan.....the people have allowed this and the people are the answer to correcting this horrible plan. I also feel people are willing to allow governments to do what they want as they don't want to bother about it except to complain. We need to get our act together and it better be now!........:-) Hugs

  2. We the people don't seem to understand that we are the government, and if we don't work as a team we will always be controlled by those we "try" to elect, but they wound up electing themselves via voting fraud.

    You know the old saying, to conquered a nation, all one needs to do is keep it divided. We the people are divided --- and I don't have to make a list, the why of it is universal!

    Thank you so very much for dropping in and leaving such a wonderful comment. It's truly appreciated. I will be back.


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