Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Somebody please tell me what just went on ..........


I would like to thank Bernie for bringing my attention to:  The fact that this post made no sense.  Her comment was not about my statement but I suppose it was in reference to the previous statement from FOX news (cancer screening).  I meant to link a post from Huffington Post, but can't find the exact one now,  about "The Speech" last night ( that I watched on CNN, which is my most watched news station) lol.
  My real question is "Why place more kid's lives in jeapordy and tell the enemy to just HOLD TIGHT for 18 months and you can have it all back?"  This question was also asked by members of the panel on CNN after the speech.
  Anyhow, my question without any reference was rather  dumb, I must admit.  Thank you Bernie for dropping by and please continue to do so.  This site is not exactly overrun with visitors.. lol.  That in itself could be fuel for a post.  Thanks,, 


  1. Glen, I think you should watch all news channel, not just Fox when forming your opinions which I always respect.....I try to listen to everyone's opinion before forming my own....but I have to admit Glen Beck scares me as there are times I do not think he is stable, and then their is Keith Oberman who is a hammer short of tool box....yes we need the truth but also a bit of common sense goes a very long way.......:-) Hugs

  2. Hey you are welcome and I too watch CNN, I find them to be the most balanced and there is not one of their host frightens me. I don't believe in people forming opinions based on being frightened into them....fear is never the answer, love and common sense always is...an informed opinion...pricelss....:-)Hugs


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