Thursday, January 7, 2010

NOW CNN.  Where have the "news" people been up to now.. WOW...   Click to Watch

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  1. Yes I saw this on TV....I have mixed feelings about this....First I believe it should be more open but I also feel that no matter if negotions are open or not nothing will change, one party will vote for it the other against it. If it were on TV it would be a circus as everyone would use their ego's to be noticed and show off instead of coming up with a good medical plan for all the people.....I also realize if it were an issue even in families you couldn't get all family members to agree either. I do think it's time some one stood up, made a stand, provide health care for the people and then take the consequences at the end of the day. If any more people were involved it will be another hundred years that people will die because they can't afford or don't have health care. Something has to be done, just too bad everyone wouldn't work together to come up with something that is both affordable and accountable......:-) Hugs


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