Thursday, January 28, 2010

We are at a pivotal time in our country. Compare it to a novel or an epic movie. In the beginning we were hooked. We were introduced to the main characters and then the supporting characters. The conflict was stated early on -the breaking away to form a new country. The stage was set and the scenes were acted out. The tension built and temporary relief came in the surrender of England to the colonialists. Subplots developed and played alongside other subplots and most often a resolution was reached. The characters were both strong and weak but the strong did not always overpower the weak. Comprises were made to the benefit of the many groups that make up the new nation. The great story line was laid out by a combination of authors in the form of our Constitution. This was probably the most ingenious document that has ever been put to pen. It has been on the World’s best selling list for over two hundred years. A lot of countries have built walls to keep their citizens inside their domains; walls in this story are needed to keep others out. As with any good story the conflicts arise and they are overcome.

What keeps our interest? In speaking only for me, the characters must be believable. They don’t always have to ride a white horse or come charging over the hill brandishing the cavalry insignia fluttering in the wind. I just have to believe in them and their intentions. If the main character takes a direction that always leads him (or her) into harm’s way, how can the cavalry know when to blow its bugle and show up to save their hide? We as characters in the story of our nation have grown to expect such “butt saving”. We need to feel confident that the fort is nearby, but common sense and good judgment is, at some point, our own responsibility. How confident are you going to be if the fort commander states.

“Don’t worry about it, I will just add soldiers, go on into harm’s way. Don’t worry about getting out of this predicament. I will take care of everything.”

If the first that comes to you mind is NOT, “How are you going to do that?” then, you better have a plan “B”.

How far into this book will you take yourself with unbelievable characters and plot line until you say “I have had enough of this fairy tale”? Maybe it is time to revise the script or characters.

What kind of story line are we going to leave for our children to READ?  This book has too good of a beginning and middle for the end to be to our un-liking and end up as a tragedy..

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  1. This is a good analogy but I was hoping for an open mind with debate......not everything can be solved by guns, prisons and punishment sometimes a gentle touch is needed. What government needs is a balance and the people are or should be that balance. Cynicism is not the answer.......:-) Hugs


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