Thursday, February 25, 2010

How many time have you heard the phrase "unexpectedly", lately.  The past couple of days all we have heard that that government officials predict jobless claims to be LOWER Thursday.  Then wham, here comes the "closer to the truth"  UNexpected rise in NEW UNemployment Claims.  Ok, so honest mistake..I dont know. You tell me.  Oh,, it was because of the winter weather.  I 'bout forgot to mention that.

I am the first to agree that we must look out for the welfare of the less fortunate.  This does not mean the lazy or the unproductive masses.  There are a TRUTHFUL number of honestly unemployed Americans out there.  They have paid into the system and they should be looked after.  We need emphasis on creating our "wealth of a nation" again.  The only way to get out of this ditch is with true manufacturing and support industries.  All we hear about is the pissing contests over whether or not to CHANGE our whole society.  Nothing,  serioulsy NOTHING is being done to address the issue of gettting us back onto the right track so that we can support ourselves and our nation.

Sit and think for a few minutes.  Think of the past year and how much time has been spent on "controversial" situations that have nothing to do with putting our society into a better light.  We can sit around and bemoan whether we as individuals or special interests groups are getting our share of the "Free" and if we don't make postive efforts to get back to common sense, we will have lost our FREEdom.

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