Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Even CHICAGO, can see where all this DEBT is taking us, while Washington says that we must SPEND or way out of Debt.  Let's take a survey..with my VAST amount of followers ( that was meant to be funny ).

With your PERSONAL MONEY... go out today and spend all of it.  Yes all of it PLUS put on CHARGE CARD 50% above that amount.  NOWWW take a THIRD of the possessions that you bought and leave them at a bus stop for a stranger to pick up .. NOW go home and relax and think about the GOOD SENSE you used in all these transactions.  Oh,, wait,, I forgot to have you stop at your neightbors and inform them that they should bring part of their dinner over to your house,,free...

Ok, now that is Washington's way doing today's business...

Vote            check on               yes_________        No__________     I gotta think 'bout this_____________

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  1. I just don't get the "spend more to save more" attitude. It could never work in a singular household - how do they expect it to work in government?

  2. Glen I wrote a very long comment then blogger ate it, sorry.......:-) Hugs


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