Friday, September 24, 2010


  1. Only Fox news - they cannot do a piece without using the word race.....but I strongly agree that it should be one person, one vote. I received a most ignorant "joke" by e-mail today, with Michelle Obama and monkeys - this comes from someone who claims to be a strong Christian. You know I think all the anger and hate comes down to the fact that your president is black. He is doing a job as best he can with so much resistance. The aggressive people and talk show host, the so called Christians, it must be horrible. The fact is he is not one of the good ole boys and is not liked, so be it. He is the first black and because he is the first he has to endure so much more but I have strong faith all will be well. I would be more frightened to have Sarah Palin in his place, she is well liked with a wonderful personality but when it comes to peace in the middle east or nuclear power throughout the world, well I wouldn't want her hand near the red button or red phone. Canada is made up of many cultures, many languages and many minorities. In fact only 33% speak French but every Prime Minister I can remember speaks French and we all accept this in fact we would all like to speak more than one language. Sometimes appreciation and respect goes much further than criticism and anger .....:-)Hugs

  2. Ms. Bernie, i soo very much appreciate your honest input. I had planned to have a written post to accompany this but the morning took me in a different direction. (work in the office,,lol). It's direction was the "constituionality of this move". It had nothing to do with race(my post). The video only stated what the federeal judge said about making his ruling..,, that 6 votes was to favor the "minorities". To me, that is unimportant compared to the, what I feel, is a constant barrage of attempts to chip away at, and change our constituion.. and honestly, i do appreciate your comments.

  3. glnroz, I was wrong to mention race really, I think I was upset about the e-mail I had received the same morning as your post. I don't even like myself when I say these things.
    I am praying for your country so very much, just as I do for my sister who lives in Scotland, it is very bad there as well and I don't think Canada is out of all this economic mess yet either. My doctor is from Ireland and just returned from his father's funeral, he said people are desperate over there as well. I think it is time we all hit our knees as the world is in such trouble......:-)Hugs


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