Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I dunno,  Whadda ya think?

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  1. Glen I listened to this on the radio yesterday, I can assure you there is no one in Canada who has to wait 7 years for surgery.....all I can think of is this lady may have been given instructions to follow so that her body was prepared for this type of surgery and she didn't follow them. My friend had this same surgery and she did wait 15 months but it was only given to her as a last resource, it is a very dangerous surgery and many have died from it, they tried everything else to help her loose weight first.
    More research should be done on something like this before it is put out in cyberspace.
    Now I am sure people have waited for surgery here in Canada but if anyone had to wait for 7 years everyone would be screaming....wish Rosie would of asked her specific questions, this lady may have been embarrassed and didn't want to say. Myself, my family and friends have had many surgeries, open heart surgery, cancer surgeries and many others, emergency surgery was done the same day as diagnoses.
    There are so many success stories here in Canada, no one seems to put them on u tube, why does something negative always travel so fast?......:-) Hugs


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