Thursday, March 25, 2010

If it is such a great deal.  Why is Washington traveling all over the United States, trying to convince almost 70% of the people that are against it that it is sooo great?  Something is backwards here.. Think about it.

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  1. Glen, you are the only one I have shared my heart with when it comes to politics....I do not agree with selling anything, I disagree with misinformation, lies, threats and fear mongering. I do not think Obama is trying to sell this health insurance reform, I feel he is trying to explain it as it is written. When people see the good in will sell itself. England, Australia, Canada all have state run health care and it works. When people see how it works, which is what the Republicans fear right now as they know they will be found out for the kind of people they are, that is when everything will settle down. Right now they feel they have to incite anger, tension and hate just to save face.....they do know this health or insurance reform can work, they don't want the people to know it...I have to believe the American are smarter than that, although some responses to my post today are really frightening. I really feel bad for these people....they are strong Christians who hate Obama (that is why they hate this bill) ....they don't want a black man as President so no matter what he tries to do to help the people they are going to fight it. I did not realize it until today. This is about a Black President not about health care, please read my blog and tell me what I have said is wrong.....why are so many people out to hate me for trying to encourage love and understanding.....I know it is wrong of me but I just could not publish the hate comments. Need your help right now my friend....:-) Hugs


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