Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not Hardly...

But, I do thank you for the mess we are in today. We, the public, got used to the out of control spending you let the country go through. The run-a-way spending for the Iraqi War. Dick Chenney and Hallibuton came out smelling like a rose. Oh, and those gas prices that went through the strat-oh-us-fear, thanks for that too. Your oilfield buddies should have been mighty happy with you on that on. Never mind it killed the hell out of the economy before the banks and wall street took the rest.
Ohhhh, that's right. The financial industry is mad at you 'cause you weren't able to turn the Social Security Fund over to them before they got caught with their hands in the "cookie jar".
You can kind of see why folks would be ready for a little hope and change after all that even though they didn't know it would be pocket change.

Yep, you are a pretty "good 'ole boy" from down here in Texas but we kinda like for a feller to wipe the bull crap off his hands before he pats us on the back. Sorry if I don't sound like a good Republican, I just ain't no RINO.

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  1. Glen now don't fall over but I liked George Bush, I like his family and I feel really bad that he allowed Dick Chenney to lead a shawdow cabinet which caused so much disharmony and madness in our world....his actions affected not only the USA but every civilized country. What happened during President's Bush's rule was really bad, history cannot be rewritten.

    What worries me today is all the rhetoric happening with words such as hate, baby killer, liar ..... the talk show host are promoting this kind of thing, inciting riots. It is very scary.....cooler heads must prevail if countries and people are to gain any respect and understanding throughout today's world.......:-) Hugs


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