Monday, March 22, 2010

Now,,, we will LET  you see what is IN it..:)  :)


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  1. More important, people will see what is not in it.....perhaps the fear mongering will stop now when people see there are no death panels, no federal money used for abortion,etc. I think the people are fed up, mad and are using the health reform as a way of expressing how they feel, I think their anxieties go much deeper than this bill Glen, I think both parties have to have some level of balanced people speak for them and not the fanatical story tellers, it is time for the Glen Becks, Rush Limbaugh's and Sara Palin's of the world to move aside and let honest, concerned people's voices be heard. They must stop inciting lies and haterd that push unstable people to hurt others even cause death in some instances. Name calling and lack of respect does not cut it any more, most people will not accept their ignorance, just because one can be horribly loud and agressive does not necessarily make them right. I think it is wrong to not like something only because it has not been proposed or submitted by ones favored party, both parties have got to show respect and work together or the third world one government is ready to step in.....God help us all if that happens. The tea baggers who spit, swear and yell are doing no one any good and only show their lack of class and respect, there is nothing wrong with being a red neck but neither is it a qualification to lead a country. If people want Joe the Plumber to rule so be it as I feel we always get the government we deserve not necessarily the government we want. What a ticket that would be...Joe the Plumber and Sara Palin, now that will make for some serious blogging......sorry Glen I just cannot agree with you on this one....perhaps you can use your blog to encourage honest and responsible people to get involved with government, I truly believe there are some of these people still left in the world, we have far to many dishonest people involved right now. Yes it had to be said that it had to be passed to see what was in it and why?....because everyone spoke over everyone else, lies and misquotes were being used by both sides, people believed whatever party they supported now what is in it will be open to every Amercian who really cares to know the truth about it not only those who let others tell them what a bill says because they are too lazy to actually read the bill themselves. As a Catholic I am against abortion so today I took the time to read that portion of the bill. No tax payer dollars are funding abortions but I know opposition will spin this to say what could happen instead of focusing on the facts, what a waste of time, energy and money they use when telling people how it could be read, instead of what is factually written, in the name of all that is holy this has got to stop, elected members should support one another at least once during a year...good money being paid to these people to find only the negative (easy money as there are always negatives)....God help us all...... :-) Hugs


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