Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is being pegged as "A Most Historic Day". It is, in fact, just that. Historic in that in all my professional career I have never experience a morning (7am-11am) and NOT ONCE got a call from an existing customer. This has happened this morning.

Earnings for the economy are off because of no sales. Social security taxes to government are way down due to short work day. Absolutely no sales taxes collected. Folks, this is where the money from all these "give away" programs come from. "Gitit"? WE need reform, I agree, but the only people that gain, will not be you. I know that is hard to believe.

I sent an email to Nancy Pelosi and asked her where all the economic activity that his new bill that was being signed today ( that 70% of the American People were AGAINST), was suppose to generate. This seemed to be her response.. Wake up AMERICA and read a book about what is going to happen.



  1. If I'd come up, in school, with the numbers they are spouting, I would have gotten a big, fat F!

  2. it's a tough time....(nough said)


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