Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ok, consider this.  Pretend this is your money.

Government raises your federal gasoline tax $1.25 per gallon.

Now they buy all the "Green Energy" wind turbines with that money from China.  Creates 3000 jobs in China.

Now China takes all that money and buys our treasury notes.

Now we pay them again for the money ( Interest )

We lost 3000 jobs, plus the money (remember the gas tax increase ) plua now we have to pay them for letting us give them our money in the first place.

Can anyone please tell me what sense this makes.  (Just this example, not all others that are going on )

This is not by accident my friends, this is by design.  I am open minded, have a degree in economic,  I think I could understand a reasonable explaination about how in any way this is good for the United States.

Oh WAIT, it WAS YOUR MONEY,,but now it is GONE and you children and grandchildren have to pay it BACK to the Chinease. 


  1. Take a deep you can start swearing. This economic situation is not only bad in the USA, it is horrible all over the world......the answer is in the people, not in the government......we the people have to wake up and educate ourselves, find out what is going on and realize this is our money.......people have a say so start saying something.
    3 people will never agree on one issue, good luck trying to get millions too.......:-) Hugs

  2. Sadly, many people have pushed the snooze button once too often -- so the rest of us have to speak even louder, I guess.


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