Friday, June 18, 2010

Does anyone even care?  Ok, you support your present government doing this because, "just give him a little time.".  This will work during a REPUBLICAN administration ALSO,, NOW,,,, how would you like that situation.


  1. Not good. But what is these days? I'm trying to find the good but having a hard time seeing any.

  2. I have a bit of concern that the USA is imploding on itself. There was a time when no American would do or say anything bad about their President or their country. Now I find there is no middle man, either extremely far right or far left.
    I only wish people would remember "devided we fall". I always admired the USA, now I am beginning to feel sorry for everyone there, so much happening. We are right next door and the economic situation is a global problem but we seem to be weathering the storms in a much better atmosphere. I pray I am wrong, that Americans will pull together and pride and love for their country, their President and themselves will overcome all the anger and especially the blame game everyone is playing right now. All the rich talk show host are making a bundle over informing the people, no one seems to understand they are only people with personal opinions, doesn't mean they have any is sad to watch what is happening in what was one of the most powerful and respected countries in the world. I am praying so hard for my neighbours to the South.
    God Bless America........:-)Hugs

  3. I'm loosing faith. I must agree with Bernie. We seem to be eating each other alive when we should be trying to find common ground and stand united against the loss of our freedom. Bit by bit, my country is being dismantled. It doesn't seem to make a wisp of difference which party is in power - "we the people" are becoming increasingly irrelevant.


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