Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Right or Wrong...

Right, Wrong, or Indifferent:  What is your opion of another country filing a lawsuit against one of our states?  Do you see a pattern of maddness in all this.  A little chip of our society gone here, a little chip here.  Changing our basic foundation.  We have been pitted against one another intentionally so that the confusion will cloud what is really happening to our country.  If our attutude is "Oh well, it is just a little liberty that we are losing",  then read your history books.  Look at you children and grandchildren and thisnk about what all this is going to do for their future.

An answer of "I don't want to think about it", is the answer that will put us all into a life of chains.

OHHH,,  A Little Something Extra..... Wonder if the fact that BP gave a gazillion dollars to all the campaigns... "BP is going to SAVE THE WORLD".  maybe thaaaatttt'ss why nothing is being done now..(remember the spewing oil?"


  1. This is complete madness. Not only Mexico filing suit against Arizona but our own federal government filing suit against a state. Insanity.

  2. Sad that this is happening or that the courts must decide what is right.....3 people in a room and you still wouldn't have all 3 agreeing.

    Glen can you find one thing that makes you all more alike than just your differences.I think you would be doing your country a great favor if you posted to bring your family, friends and neighbours together.

    BP has made a mess, and I feel so bad for the people and wild life and that is what happens when greed is greater than love..... I have no answers nor am I qualified to even give an opinion on the oil spill.....but then the courts are having to make the decision in this too.

    ........:-) Hugs


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