Friday, October 22, 2010

I don’t know, maybe you haven’t heard anyone on TV say anything about the “Deficit” lately,,,That is unless you have been on Mars.
I find it interesting that the arguing points now, seemingly since the Democrats seem to be in a little hot water, ask, “What are you (Republicans) going to “cut” in order to reduce the “Deficit”.
I ask you, the reader.  What would you do under these circumstances (fictional) that I have outlined below.
You have after tax monthly income of 2000.00
You have the following monthly expenses.
   Rent/Mortgage             800.00
  Auto payment                 300.00
  Food                                    200.00
  Utilities                               200.00
  Savings                               100.00
  Credit Card payment    400.00      As you pay down the balance, you option to “buy”(spend) same amt$
   Total                               2000.00
This is called a balance budget.  (I am being kind of tongue in cheek).  I know you know this.
Things are “rocking along lovely” ain’t they?  One of your offspring comes home one day.  I think it was a Tuesday. 
“Hey, Mom and Dad, I borrowed your Visa and went to the mall.  There were some great sales on and school is about to start and all my friends didn’t have any money, because they don’t work or go to school so I bought a bunch of lunch for everyone and then there was the arcade and when we left there we stopped at the Trazillion Plex Movie Cinema House and I paid for everyone to go to the movie because they don’t work or go to school, and well, they had to have pop corn and cokes and Milk Duds and Junior mints for everyone, and no one works or goes to school so I HAD to pay for all that and Ya’ll BOTH work and have 2000.00 dollars a month to spend and it was a GOOD thing that I had that piece of plastic (borrowed credit), so that everyone could have a GREAT time.
OK, here is Your Opportunity to TELL ME, what to do to fix this.  There is plenty of COMMENT space.
I will give my viewpoint with the NEXT POST.


  1. Hide or cut up the credit cards! Make the kids work to pay it off.

  2. I think I would make government smaller. I also would end all wars and use military personal to ensure the safety of the country, they could be used all along the borders, ports, and airports. In my opinion to lower the US debt you would have to have all countries lower their debts, all countries with balanced budgets.....we are all connected. I don`t like to see China with so much power, I don`t like calling India to have my computer fixed ...... it is the way it is now. We are all connected.....we must find a way to accept and embrace our differences.
    I am so concerned that unqualified people will be given great responsibilities, being angry and wanting revenge will not resolve today`s problems......what happens in your country affects my country and we too have acquired more debt than ever in our history. Too many plastic cards are being used, it scares me,
    Have a great weekend.....:-) Hugs


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