Monday, May 9, 2011

As the "middle class" goes, so goes the nation.  A reader suggested I might be paranoid.  I respect and enjoy that "poster's" blog.  I don't see myself so much a being paranoid as I am WORRIED.  Not worried for myself, I am too old that I will just have to "make do", but our children and grandchildren are being left out of the equation.  They cannot pay for all this debt that "we" are giving to non-productive receipients, both foriegn and domestic. 
  I DO NOT see this as a Democrat/Republican , "whose side or you on?" debate.  The republicans (George Bush/Carl Rove/ Dick Cheney) have blugeoned us with excessive spending, just to buy votes, just as has all of Congress.  It all sounds good but if we don't get our house in order, all this "give away" is going to cause the boat to sink.  
  I am not trying to convince anyone of anything.  All I expect is for our elected officials, local through federal, to TELL THE TRUTH.  Without that we cannot move forward..

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