Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I know that very few visit this site, but if even one person happens by, a comment as "Anonymous" would be appreciated.  I wonder if I am the only one that sees this type of threat as something from a movie script.  Think about how our children and grandchildren are being stripped of their liberty to freedom of the press.  Even if you don't "comment" if the thought goes through you mind;

"I am kinda afraid to say what I am thinking",   then that is you danger signal that this has gotten out of hand.



  1. Freedom of speech does not guarantee freedom from the consequences of what is said. In this age of constant saturation by all media, I can't say I blame the White House for being a little paranoid. I do disagree with creating a job to fight unfavorable reporting. Along with you, I worry about the state of our country. But I worry more that what is presently reported as "news" has been reduced to sensationalism, celebrity gossip, fear mongering, half truths and failure to cover world news in depth and without bias.

  2. I can see, and don't disagree, with your point, Ms. Sharon. You are a brave lady for sharing your comment. thanks, glenn

  3. I've been absent lately...and am getting back into my blog reading...

    Personally, I don't blame anybody for trying to "set the record straight" but what president hasn't had negative/untrue things said about them? Seems to me it's just a part of the job -- in fact, he should just do his job and instead of trying to "squash" what others are saying, try to squash that enormous ego instead.


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